River Bluff PTA

Welcome to the River Bluff Parent-Teacher Association (RB PTA). We're excited to bring new activities, classroom tools and educational support resources, and a sense of pride for our River Bluff students, parents, teachers, families and community.

River Bluff PTA is an association of parents, grandparents, families, teachers, and community members who come together to support River Bluff student success through community and school activities, fundraisers, and awareness of the importance of involvement in a child's education.

What is PTA

All About PTA


PTA is a parent-teacher association that is intended to facilitate parental participation in education.



By joining the River Bluff PTA, you not only join an awesome group, but in doing so, our River Bluff students benefit from your active involvement in his/her education. As a paid member, you automatically become a member of both the state and national PTA which makes you eligible to benefit from special discounts from Legoland and a whole lot more. Information can be found  here 


Membership Cost

The annual membership dues are $5 per member.


How to Join

You can join RB PTA electronically this year. Simply login to TOTEM, and create a member account.  You can also find PTA membership envelopes in the main office.


Stay Connected

Email us anytime [email protected]